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The Indiana Quality Assurance Builder Standards creates a set of performance standards that we and our clients can use to communicate and understand each others' expectations. These are contained within the "Builder Standards Manual", which gives both sides the same set of standards to measure the quality of the work.  The standards address the most prevalent issues that arise before the project, during the project, and, most importantly, after the project is completed.  All too often it is the undefined expectations that create the majority of the problems encountered in the building processes. The standards help to eliminate problems before the project even begins and are intended to be used as a tool when questions arise regarding your new home.

Before calling us, you should refer to the standards manual to determine if concern over the issue in question is warranted.  We will then use the standards to determine what action is necessary to meet your expectations.  The standards were chosen by the Indiana Home Builders’ Association to address the vast majority of the questions that arise in the course of the typical construction process.  The actual standards and the language used, along with the individual sections of the manual, were chosen to give all parties a clear understanding of the potential issues as well as the standards that should be expected.  They are not intended as a substitute for a warranty and are separate and distinct from any manufacturer’s warranties that may apply to materials and products used in the project.  As a member of the Home Builders Association, we will gladly provide you with a copy of this useful manual.

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