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Ours is a true life “rags to riches” story.  In the early 1980s times were hard, and Dan Amstutz found himself moving from job to job due to the slow economic conditions.

Seeking something more permanent, he began his career in construction by starting his own concrete business in 1986.  Over the next five years his finances began to improve, and in 1991 he made the decision to build houses after having built his first home for his own family.  He obtained his real estate license with the intention of bettering himself and advancing his prospects.  At first he built just one house at a time, beginning construction on the next only after the previous project had been sold.  As his client base gradually began to grow, he was able to expand this to his current rate of 3 to 4 homes at a time, although he continues to keep a single spec home available at any given moment.  Dan built a house for the Parade of Homes in 2001 – a property dubbed “The Garton View”.  It was this exposure that really helped to put the name Amstutz Homes, Inc. on the map.

Joining the company as a builder's representative, Steve Bartkus is in charge of creative design and acts as the home owner when a new spec home is being constructed. Other staff members, including an architect and interior designer, have also been added, allowing the company to boast of handling every aspect of the building process from beginning to end.  To this day, Dan continues to take great pride in the personal attention he can afford his customers as one of the smaller, yet quality-oriented builders in the area.  He visits the construction sites himself at least once a week and makes personal involvement his credo.  Dan Amstutz is a member of both the Home Builders Association and the Better Business Bureau. 

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